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3 Ways to Keep Students Motivated to Practice During the Holidays

Updated: May 1, 2021

Keeping students engaged in their music activities during the holidays can be a challenge for parents. This can be a time full of joy and festivity, and equally packed with too many plans and prior commitments. This year has been especially difficult with the pandemic, and students’ normal routines being completely disrupted.

Having students engaged in familiar activities, such as music practice is a wonderful way to provide stability in the midst of business and chaos.

But why should students practice during the holidays?

The main reason is to continue working on improving their music skills. The main advantage is students are out of school and they have more “free-time” on their hands.

Let me say there is nothing wrong with students who decide to take the holidays off from piano practice. Depending on the student, that may be just what they need in order to recharge and come back with renewed inspiration.

It is also important to promote the continuity of their practice habits through the holiday season because this is a great time to explore some newer approaches to music that had not been previously explored, due to preparing for exams and other busy school activities.

The biggest challenge is now there are many distractions competing for this “free-time”. So how do we guide the students so they can have a wonderful holiday with friends and family, while pursuing their own self-improvement?


We are much more likely to engage in activities we love due to the dopamine response in our brains. Why not take the time to learn a favorite song or a soundtrack from a movie or a video game? If there’s no sheet music available, then the teacher can write the melody for them to practice, or some students that are more adventurous can take on a learning by ear project.


Depending on the student's level and skills, setting goals can be a good way to keep them involved in their piano practice during the holidays. This could be a time to try out improvising on songs they already know, review old pieces, learning a few scales and chords or memorizing their favorite piece.


Do you have students who love to sit down at the piano and create their own tunes? How about students who would love to know how to create their own music, but just don’t know how! This can be a great opportunity to teach them just that and explore more about the topic. Give them the world of possibilities of music and they will be always intrigued and fascinated with music.

Just remember this:

Music is about life and building life-long skills that will help them with other skills in their life later on. When they are presented with challenges and they are given the tools to overcome it, we are presenting them with the opportunities to succeed later in life.

Music should be fun and engaging and when they love what they do, it is a pleasure to sit down at the piano and have fun!

We hope you enjoyed this article and we look forward to educating parents and students in the art of teaching and learning more about music and piano.

If you would like more information, contact us and we will be glad to set up your first free trial lesson!

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