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Our Music Programs

If you seek an encouraging growth environment for your child or for yourself and want to explore more the world of music, you will find that the Piano Performance Arts Academy is the right fit for you!


All students and parents go through an initial screening interview and they are placed at the appropriate level according to their age and skill level. We offer a variety of programs to best serve our students and to help them succeed in their music studies. 


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Our core curriculum is designed to give students of all ages and levels a solid foundation from the moment they begin their studies with us!  We believe that music teaching is more than teaching the music notes - for us, it is about teaching the human being first, and understanding their strengths and weaknesses. 


This is a very unique approach from other music schools because we understand for the student to succeed they need to feel supported by their teachers. We also keep very close communication with the parents on a weekly basis on how their child has progressed and what will need attention throughout their practice sessions. This allows for continued reinforcement at home, which provides overall much quicker results. 


Students learn in a very interactive environment, with weekly private classes and group lessons. They also learn the fundamentals of music theory, sight-reading, ear training, healthy piano technique, and gain solo and collaborative experience through recitals and performance opportunities.


In our core curriculum, you will be guided by a highly skilled, and supportive faculty as you experience the joy of performing and learning more about playing the piano.

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The Royal Conservatory is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world. For more than 130 years, The Royal Conservatory has translated the latest thinking about creativity into inspiring programs benefiting millions of individuals around the world.


Our institution together with the Royal Conservatory of Music aims to develop human potential with the conviction that the arts are humanity's greatest means to achieve personal growth and social cohesion.


Students participate in examinations throughout the year receiving positive feedback from renowned piano faculty and receive certificates of completion for each level they participate in. The students who achieve the highest grades have the opportunity to perform in the Royal Conservatory of Music Honors Recital and build extracurricular activities and awards for college applications.


Have you ever dreamed of playing the piano? We understand the challenges of balancing work schedules and family life while pursuing your dreams and hobbies. We have developed a curriculum for our busy adult students to help them succeed in doing just that! This is an exciting program tailored to a variety of styles from classical, jazz, and pop music.

Our Self-Paced Adult Piano Program provides an encouraging and safe environment for adults who want to explore the world of music. Students participate in one-on-one private lessons and our accelerated core curriculum ranges from beginner to advanced levels, depending on the current level of the student.

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Through the use of cutting-edge technology, our school has been able to quickly adapt to the new demands of online learning. In early 2020, we launched our extended online program due to the high demand for online piano lessons during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic. 


We are a school committed to making and teaching music with professionalism and excellence - whether with in-studio or online lessons. Our online students receive the same high-quality lessons as in-studio students, and they are exposed to the same curriculum and music experiences within the virtual world. We believe that music-making is a life-long journey and with all the technology available at our fingertips, we are able to innovate and provide high-quality piano lessons from top professionals in the music industry. 


In our Summer sessions, students have the opportunity to participate in one-on-one private lessons more with intense or a self-paced style.


Our Summer core curriculum ranges from beginner to advanced levels and is tailored to a variety of styles from classical to pop and music composition. We work directly with the child or adult student to build a curriculum that works best for their goals throughout the Summer. 

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There are several benefits to learning music theory! One of them is that it allows you to understand music on a much deeper level and help you become a more well-rounded musician. At its core, music theory gives students the right tools to understand how a piece of music works.


With a strong foundation in music theory, students are able to develop their independent learning skills and progress a lot faster. With these skills, students who know music theory tend to be more confident in their abilities, and more likely to continue learning music over time, and even learn other instruments.​​​


Our singing lesson programs are designed to create a supportive environment where students of all skill levels are comfortable, yet challenged at every turn by an experienced voice coach.


With our voice lessons, students will gain real skills through private lessons, online lessons, group rehearsals, and live performances. We coach beginner singers through the early stages of vocal progression, pitch training, timbre, and learning to feel a steady tempo.



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We Offer Classes in Three Locations:
Wesley Chapel, Tampa Palms & Riverview

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