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"I think Mrs. Giampietro has a great ability to teach both in-person and online. I have learned a lot from our classes. Her sharing what it is like for her when she is playing the piano has also been a great help to me and she has inspired me to new heights of achievement! I have found making the switch from "in person" to "online" also easy to do. She has inspired me so much! Our lessons have made a big difference in my playing."


"I am writing to recommend Joanna Ximenes as a piano teacher, and as a performer on both piano and organ. I have known Joanna for approximately ten years during her years living in Louisville, Kentucky. Because I am also a piano teacher, Joanna and I crossed paths often as members of the same local professional organization: Greater Louisville Music Teachers Association (GLMTA). As GLMTA members, we worked on committees together and I experienced firsthand her dedication to teaching and to her students and their families. I heard her students perform well in various local events.  Now, I have the unique privilege of having several of her former students in my studio because of her move to Florida. It is usually a challenge for a teacher to take a transfer student because there are often bad habits from the former teacher. Not so with Joanna’s students. Each of them came to me with wonderful technical and musical skills and they are a joy to have in my studio.


I can recommend her as a wonderful teacher for students of any age and ability level. In addition, Joanna and I were members of a performing class for teachers that met for years under the direction of Dr. Maurice Hinson. Dr. Hinson (now deceased) was one of the top music editors and teachers in the world, and his praise of Joanna’s playing in his class was high praise indeed. Joanna performs solo piano literature well, and she also is a very accomplished accompanist.  She has subbed for me on two occasions in my position as choral accompanist at a local private school when I was out of town and the choral director was delighted with her playing. Furthermore, Joanna subbed for me on organ and piano at my church on several occasions. Again, her playing was very accomplished in that situation. She also filled in on organ at another local church and received high praise from their organist who is one of the most accomplished in Louisville. He was delighted with her playing.


To summarize, Joanna Ximenes is a musician that I hold in highest regard. She is dedicated to excellence in teaching and in performing and she would be an asset to any school or church. She is greatly missed by the musical community here in Louisville, and we know that our loss is Florida’s gain." 


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"Mrs. Giampietro's teaching has been a great experience for my daughter, and she is always excited to grow and excel. She began her piano lessons with Mrs. Giampietro and learned to love the piano. She never felt pressured or shy to ask questions. PARENT OF A TEN-YEAR-OLD STUDENT, Tampa FL.


" I studied with Joanna for 10+ years. Lessons with Ms. Ximenes were the highlight of my week because she made the lessons fun and engaging. She truly invested in me, both as a person and a student, and poured her soul into each of us. She connected me to performing and educational opportunities that not every teacher was even aware of, and laid the foundation for me to continue into music in college. I’m forever grateful for my time spent learning under her." 


"My daughter feels she has learned more from Mrs. Giampietro than her previous teachers. She says she usually has no trouble understanding your instructions and she enjoys her rapport with Mrs. Giampietro. She feels supported in her lessons, and my husband and I are thrilled with her progress. She has made more progress in six months with Mrs. Giampietro than she made in two years at her previous conservatory.


She seems t0 have a much more complete and, holistic view of music. She still is reluctant to practice at times, but when she engages with the piano, she really enjoys it. She spends long periods of time composing music, and working on it repeatedly to improve it. When she describes her assigned music to us, she seems to completely understand what it entails. My husband and I highly value the experience our daughter has gained in these last few months with Mrs. Giampietro." 



"My daughter said that Mrs. Giampietro is her favorite teacher, and she has always enjoyed her teaching style.  Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to switch out classes online, and she has been enjoying her online classes.


Whenever the lessons become more challenging, I always remind her of anyone who plays the piano on a regular basis usually succeeds academically in school.


I am very happy she has been able to continue her studies and develop the same way as she had previously with her in-person lessons.  


"From the beginning, I have considered Mrs. Giampietro a gifted teacher. I like her knowledge but also the way she is firm about how things should be done. I had issues with scheduling in the past and I could have switched to the slot I wanted but that meant changing teachers, I did not do it because, although I know both teachers there are excellent, I did not want to lose her!

Online teaching is challenging but I think is going much better than I expected. I think the piano is opening a whole new world for my son and he loves it!  



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"When this COVID quarantine happened, both teachers jumped into quick action without missing any classes and smoothly moved all lessons online, so there were no interruptions in learning and progression. We were so thrilled that our daughter continues to learn and looks forward to her weekly lessons. Mrs. Giampietro is very kind, talented, encouraging, flexible, and an amazing teacher.


My daughter has learned so much from her in these past 4 years, and I am very confident with all the techniques she has patiently taught to my daughter. We see the love for music also increases as she moves forward with her lessons. Mrs. Giampietro has taken steps to personalize the classes to what my daughter is capable of doing. We are very happy that Mrs. Giampietro is my daughter's teacher from whom she gets very good knowledge, love for music, and correct techniques to play the piano. Thank you so much for being there for my daughter, and always encouraging and teaching her." 



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