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Aquarela do Brasil by Ari Barroso

Greetings everyone!

We hope you are having a wonderful Summer filled with beautiful music!

This has been a busy year and we have been working towards many recitals and projects for the Summer and the Fall Semesters. One of our current projects is called From the Bench Concert Series and its mission is to educate the community about music!

We believe music can serve as a catalyst for social connection. Emerging evidence indicates that music has the potential to promote social connectedness, and develop emotional competence.

For this week's blog, I'm performing my arrangement of Aquarela do Brasil by Ari Barroso. This song only became famous after it was included in Walt Disney's 1942 animated film Saludos Amigos, sung by Aloísio de Oliveira. After that, the song became known not only in Brazil, but worldwide, becoming the first Brazilian song to be played over a million times on American radio.

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