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Check out my "12 Steps to Playing the Piano" Course on Youtube!

Dear readers,

I would like to invite you to check out my new course "12 Steps to Playing the Piano" on Youtube! In this series, I will go over the basics you will need to know to start playing the piano, such as notes on the keyboard, music notation, rhythm and creating your first improvisation!

This is video series are part of my Global Music Education Action Project. The mission of my project is to help other to have access to music education while striving for excellence and providing opportunities to change lives in our community and the world through music and performing arts.

Make sure to download my free e-book to follow with each video to get all the tips and tricks to get started on playing the piano: 

Please, don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to be notified when we post new content! This helps my channel greatly and it will help me further my mission in music education.

Also, feel free to share this course with anyone you know who would like to learn to play the piano!!!

Keep striving to make beautiful music!

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