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Piano Vlog | Practice Makes it Permanent

Dear readers,

I want to share with you a few piano practice vlog videos I have created in the last few weeks! My purpose with these videos is to share my own progress with the music I have been currently working. Practice is about showing up every day and pushing yourself to be better today than yesterday. However, it is also important to remember to enjoy the journey and take time to appreciate where you are in the process.

I hope this inspires you and gives you fresh creativity today! Please, check out my other videos on my artist Youtube Channel and subscribe for more upcoming videos!

Thank you so much! :)

For further inspiration, you can also watch this wonderful TED Talk by Josh Kaufman, the author of the #1 international bestseller, 'The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business', and 'The First 20 Hours: Mastering the Toughest Part of Learning Anything.' In his talk, he shares how having his first child inspired him to approach learning in a whole new way.


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