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The Global Music Education Action Project

Global Music Education Action Project
Creating Social Change through Music Education

The mission of the Global Music Education Action Project is to help children and youth have access to music education while striving for excellence and providing opportunities to change lives in our community. We partner with local churches in Tampa to hold a one week Summer Camp in a group setting free of charge thanks to fundraisings we do throughout the year and our generous sponsors.

Our one-week summer music camp is provides the opportunity for children in financial need to engage in a fun and educational activity. This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of music and simple chord progressions that can be applied to various pop and worship songs. 

Our targeted areas have an average annual household income less than $29,950 for a family of four. Students in this economic bracket have much more limited physical and/or financial access to creative arts education services and resources.

This program is taught by trained volunteers and our founder Aline Giampietro Trifonov, who  decided to start this initiative because she is a firm believe every child should have access to music education and the performing arts. Families below the poverty line often have two or three jobs just to make ends meet, leaving no disposable income for music lessons. The aim of our program is to provide opportunities that will positively impact lives and give life skills through learning music to students in financial needs. 

Piano Lesson

Become a sponsor today to give the gift of music and make an impact on a child's future.

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Check out my video series on "12 Steps to Playing the Piano" on Youtube Channel as part of my Global Music Education Action Project and download the e-book companion to the course: 

Check out my children's e-book "The Enchanted Garden of Music" written to inspire kids to believe in their dreams regardless of their circunstances. 

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