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creative muse project

The Creative muse is a project with its early beginnings in 2015 and its intention is to promote a culture of creativity and excellence through digital media and performing arts. 

this project aims to explore composers and their music while merging it with Other performing arts and digital media to communicate them in a new creative form. 







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In our previous Creative Muse Project, we explored the art fusion of dance and piano to bring a fresh take to Chopin's Grande Valsa Brilliante Op. 34, No.2 in A minor. This is a slow waltz that mixes melancholy with glimpses of hope and liveliness in the middle section. Since Chopin is known as the "poet of the piano", our intention with this project is to represent each move of the dance as the "word" of his music. 









































if you would like to support the artistic projects so we can continue to release new videos, you can make a donation through paypal. WE WILL ALSO BE INCORPORATING PATREON LATER IN THE FALL.



we hope you enjoy our creative muse project and we want to invite you to subscribe to our website and to follow us on social media to be notified when we release new projects, music, videos, blog posts, and news updates.

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