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Top Five Tips for Successful Interview Lessons with Music Students

Introductory sessions, known by various names such as interview or trial lessons, are pivotal in initiating successful music lessons for new students. We want to outline five essential steps to optimize your trial session and establish a strong foundation for effective learning partnerships.

Step 1: Clarify Your Objectives for the Interview Lesson

Before starting an interview , defining clear objectives is crucial. These sessions are valuable for setting expectations, evaluating student-teacher compatibility, and outlining studio policies. They provide an opportunity to:

- Establish rapport and communication

- Assess the student's musical goals and interests

- Determine if your teaching style aligns with their needs

- Introduce your studio policies and procedures

- Optionally, decide whether to charge for these sessions based on studio demands and goals.

Step 2: Prepare Your Teaching Environment and Materials

Once goals are set, prepare your teaching space to create a welcoming atmosphere. Organize teaching materials such as method books and instruments, and have necessary documents like Studio Policies and Student Information forms ready. The latter helps gather essential details such as instrument availability and student expectations.

Step 3: Conduct a Mini Lesson (10–15 minutes)

The core of the interview session involves teaching a brief lesson. This allows you to assess the student’s musical abilities and potential while showcasing your teaching style. Activities may include:

- Inviting students to perform a piece or participate in music activities

- Assessing beginners through basic musical exercises

- Evaluating transfer students with sight-reading or technical demonstrations

- Checking technical setup for online lessons if applicable.

Step 4: Discuss Expectations and Studio Policies

Following the mini lesson, engage in a discussion with the student and their parent. Review your observations, outline potential curricula, and clarify expectations regarding tuition, practice routines, and missed lessons. Ensure both parties understand their roles and responsibilities.

Step 5: Outline Next Steps

Conclude the session by addressing any questions and expressing appreciation for their time. Encourage students to reflect on the experience before committing to lessons. Take a moment to review the Student Information form and your impressions to aid decision-making. Follow up promptly with scheduling details or courteous declines if necessary.

The interview lesson serves as a pivotal introduction to your teaching approach and studio environment. By following these steps, you enhance the likelihood of establishing productive and harmonious student-teacher relationships. Each session not only informs but also shapes the future direction of musical growth and learning.

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